VaporKote Aluminizing (Calorizing) Process

High temperature corrosion of metals due to oxidation, sulfidation and carburization is a major concern in industry, especially with petrochemical processing equipment. Aluminizing (Aluminize) or aluminum diffusion alloying is an economical process for inhibiting such corrosion by protecting the surface of steels, stainless steels and nickel alloys operating in severe high temperature environments. VaporKote’s aluminizing process is a cost-effective method of extending the service life of your components, saving on maintenance costs and downtime.

Aluminizing is a high temperature chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process whereby aluminum vapors diffuse into the surface of the base metal forming new metallurgical aluminide alloys. The process occurs in a controlled high temperature environment and we use our own specialized powder blend which is mixed on-site to ensure optimal coating results. The aluminide alloys formed at the surface contain 20% minimum aluminum. Typical case depths: Carbon and alloy steel = 4-12 mils, Stainless and nickel base alloys = 2-8 mils. This depth is uniform throughout the coated area and verified in our lab for quality assurance. The newly formed intermetallic layer provides excellent corrosion resistance and cannot be chipped off. Parts can be post heat treated to achieve necessary mechanical properties.

VaporKote can  aluminize parts ranging from large tubing for sulfuric acid plants to small burner nozzles used in high temperature service. Contact us today and we can help you solve your corrosion problems!