VaporKote, Inc. was founded in 1987 to provide high quality metallurgical coatings to critical industries where severe erosion and corrosion problems occur. VaporKote is recognized as a leader in our field. VaporKote serves industries worldwide with metal surface enhancement and treatment processes.

Oil production, petrochemical refining, power generation, mining, construction and other industries all utilize VaporKote to keep their equipment running at its peak performance. Here production downtime is critical. VaporKote’s processes vastly increase component life, saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in maintenance costs.


VaporKote provides metallurgical consulting backed with over 50 years of experience in the engineering and metallurgical field. We optimize the design and engineer the blueprints for customized parts manufactured in our facility. This allows us to meet precise customer part specifications. Laboratory processing and analysis of customer parts is available at a nominal fee. We follow ASME, SAE, API and other engineering codes and practices.


Vaporkotes erosion protection system provides a very hard, wear-resistant surface using a boron gas diffusion coating or boronized process. The part is metallurgically treated with our proprietary boron formulas to create a new very hard boronized metal surface. Pumps, valves, pipe spools, elbows, and other components are routinely fabricated, welded and boron hardened for wear and erosion protection. VaporKote also manufactures customized wear resistant boron hardened wear rings, bushings, sleeves and other components to close tolerance for clients in various industries.

Our high-temperature corrosion protection system provides a self-repairing surface using an aluminum gas diffusion coating or aluminized process. The part is metallurgically treated with our proprietary aluminum formulas to create a new aluminized corrosion resistant surface.

Atmosphere controlled furnaces that operate up to 2000°F. (1080°C.) are on the premises to insure good deliveries of diffusion coated components. We can diffusion coat large parts weighing up to 14000 pounds and 24 ft. in length.


Besides manufacturing boron hardened components, we also do in house machining, repair and turnkeys of large pumps, valves and other components. Specializing in the petrochemical industry, we have a complete machine shop capable of turning upto 68-inch diameter parts.

Most weld repairs are for turnkeys on critical petrochemical and refinery pumps, valves, and their structural components. Pipe spools, pipe elbows, and other pipe components can be fabricated and welded prior to the boriding or aluminizing process. Certified welding is to AWS specifications. Material capabilities include all grades of steel, stainless and exotic alloys. We have MIG and TIG welding as well as conventional arc and gas welding processes.


VaporKote requires stringent material specifications for all borided and aluminized processed components. Blueprints and engineering process sheets accompany each order in the shop.

Customer parts are processed with test coupons of similar metallurgy to that of the parts. These coupons are then analyzed in our laboratory for diffusion coating characteristics of depth, micro-hardness, appearance and surface finish and must meet VaporKote’s quality standards and customer’s specifications.

All customer treated components and VaporKote manufactured items are inspected in-house before shipment. Each order is delivered with boronizing or aluminizing certifications which include metallurgical analysis of the diffusion coated surface. Dimensional certifications are also submitted for manufactured and repaired components.